Why Witzone

Place Where Ideas delivered more effectively and efficiently.
Our super-efficient delivery model :

Daily charges are posted in to client’s Billing system with in 18 hrs of receipt

Claims are submitted on the same day the charges are posted in PMS system.

Prompt resolution of EDI claim rejections with in 24 hrs from claims transmission date and resubmit corrected claims.

Report to client on any unresolved EDI claim rejections pertaining provider and patient registration issues.

Same day payment posting & reconciliation in to client’s Billing system with in 18 - 24hrs.

Increase the probability of payment through timely follow-up on accounts having possibilities for delay in payments and take corrective actions to resolve these claims.

Delivery Model that not only accelerates your cash flow, but also reduce Days in A/R and also improve Collection Ratio.

The Advantages of choosing Witzone

Process to ensure HIPAA Compliance

Employees sign Confidentiality Agreements

Access to information only on a “Need to Know” basis

Excellent Domain Expertise

Leadership Development Programs

Continuous Training and Development

Value Adds

Cost Savings related to Human Resources
Minimal capital Investment to achieve significant Operating Cost Savings
Enhancing Revenue Cycle Management through Effective Collection Techniques
Accelerated Cash Flow and Reducing A/R days

Accuracy Levels:
Charge Capture 100%
Payment Posting 100%
Medical Transcriptions 98%


To develop, apply, evaluate and share new technology.
To excel in service.
To provide efficient access to affordable medical care.
To excel in specialized medical care supported by comprehensive research and technology.
To attract the best qualified medical, scientific and support staff.
To ensure that our quality underlies every decision.

The goals of the agency are

Expand the knowledge base in medical and associated sciences in order to enhance the deliverance of better health to the public.
Develop, maintain, and renew scientific and human resources that will ensure better healthcare.
foster fundamental strategies and their applications as a basis for protecting and improving health.
Exemplify and promote the highest level of scientific integrity, public accountability, and social responsibility in the conduct of science, health and technology.


With compassion, innovation, teamwork, integrity and best quality services,

We demonstrate our commitment to world-class care by providing a caring and supportive environment for our patients

We welcome change, encourage invention and continually seek better, more efficient ways to achieve our goals

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